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By accessing this website, users agree to be bound by all terms and conditions set out below.  Do not consult this website unless you agree to hold Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, harmless for any errors or omissions.

Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, provides access to certain laboratory testing.  The information available on our website, from our representatives, and through any test results that we provide is intended for educational and informational purposes only.   Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, does not provide any diagnosis, treatment, or medical services of any kind.  Our services are not intended to be a substitute for consultation with a licensed health care provider.  We may suggest that you consult your health care provider for follow-up based upon your test results.  You assume all responsibility for obtaining the follow-up that is recommended and for the consequences of failing to follow-up.

False positive and false negative test results do occur.  You must see a licensed health care provider for any interpretation or recommendation for treatment based upon your test results.  The testing arranged by Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, is performed by an independent laboratory, for which Peace of Mind Testing, LLC is not responsible.  By accessing this website and placing an order, you agree to hold Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, harmless for any harm or damages that might result from the performance or the results of the testing.

As with all test results we provide, any results of urine or serum drug screens are intended for informational purposes only.  The results are not confirmed for use as evidence in civil or criminal cases.  Specimens are not obtained under the guidelines required for secure collection and, therefore, cannot be used for employment purposes.  The results of drug screens are based upon the method used for testing and the sensitivity of that method. A negative drug screen indicates that the drugs tested for were not detected at the sensitivity level used.  Positive results may be possible with the same or subsequent specimens if testing is performed using a greater degree of sensitivity.  Other factors that may affect the results of drug testing include the type of drug;  the amount, duration and time of last drug use;  the body type and weight of the individual being testing;  and, in the case of urine drug screens, the concentration, acidity, or alkalinity of the urine.We will take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of your protected health information ("PHI").  We will not make any PHI available for access on a publicly available server.  We will share only the minimally required information in order to arrange for tests you have requested to be completed and for us to obtain the results of those of those tests.  No other sharing of your PHI will occur without your express written consent on a release form provided by Peace of Mind Testing, LLC, or as required by law.  In no event will your PHI or other personal information be sold by us.

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